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Helloz lovelies how are you guys doing?  Me pretty ok. Work and work blah

Ok so I guess i will say the same thing as the rest of your flist but please no linking my shit to twitter or facebook.

My lj is not set to private but I do write alot of personal things here and will not appreciate them being sent all over the place.

Hell I don't even have a freaking facebook account because it freaks me out!

Thanks toheartsdesire456  for answering my dumb questions so I could make sure my settings were NOT set up to cross post anything!


So tell me darlings How have you guys been doing? Most of you have started school/university again hope you have a great school year! Much luck to all of you!

I might be seeking my darling TRICK! soon! she is coming to dallas texas which is a couple of hours from here. I am trying to get a day off to drive up and see her! I might just hug her to death!!!!


 WOW, i am 33 years old. But i don't feel a day over 23 :)!!!!

Today was a pretty good day, gots lots of happy bdays on twitter and in real life which made me feel very much loved *smishes all my friends*

My peeps at work got me a red velvet cake, which we devoured. I got two cute shirts, a new camera!!!! woooohooo! no more borrowing cameras for concerts!  and a very pretty purple orchid!  plus a nice poster and card!


Baby Gabby update and ramblings

  • I want to thank you all for the prayers and positive vibes and thoughts for my friend's baby.  The operation went really well. The baby is now recovering. She is still in the hospital but doing very well.  It was a very scary ordeal for the family and the friends.  She is a darling little baby.


  • You know I cant  believe that soon i will be 33 years old. It is so weird because I don't really feel that old. I mean I still feel like I am in my 20's late 20's. 


  • I am stressing this week. One of my clients is getting audited. I think the reason is because he earns a shit load of money but hasnt filed his 08 or 09 incometax. They are auditing 2006, 07, 08 and 09.  WTF.  I am not doing her 08 or 09 cuz I had waayyyyyyyyyy to many projects. But I did do  06 and 07.  I am not worried over 07 but 06 does have me stressing cuz in the hurricain they lost alot of the receipts *headdesk*
  • i havent slept well since sunday.  augh.

  • I wonder if the IERO twins will be born soon.; WOuldnt it rock if they were born on my bday? :)



Hello my flist I wanted to ask if you could please keep my friends 1 year old daughter in your thoughts or prayers. The baby girl gabby has 2 small holes in her heart and will be having open heart surgery today at 9am. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you

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so if you follow me on twitter you got a lot of CAPS LOCKED tweets about this show *grins*

So on saturday we got to see Black gold and the YOUNG VEINS! now if your a hater *please step off to the left* i love u but i love them too

Before going in we saw this cutie on security.  Me and penceyprepster  thought he reminded us of a bb chester bennington.  He was so nice and had such a pretty smile. and tattoos you could lick... ahem..

  this pic is me trying to be a ninja and take his pic.

So we got there in time to see black gold. THis was my first hearing the boys. Erik is freaking awesome and so sweet and i wanted to kidnap him.  My camera decided to hate me at that moment and not flash when i was taking my pic with him and well he was so nice and trying to get my camera to worK.  He also  remembered my name!!!!!! so darling.   Than was super nice too but my flash refused to work with him.  Darling boys.

  I am so short *facepalm* srsly.  

Then the young veins took to the stage.   I LOVED THEM.  I think they are def getting better, they sounded pretty damn good to me.  We got to meet them after their show and they were nice. srsly. I wish i wasnt so awkward when meeting them but shit the boys were great.  Jon especially. HE gives the BESTEST HUGS! damn. ok. I was like thisclose to kidnapping them and bringing them back to houston with me.  I adore them and will continue to support them. They were the sweetest things to me and that really makes me a happy fan.  I'm going to stop gushing now.
Sadly didnt get to really talk to the boys:  Andy Soukal, Nick Murray or Nick white. They are still so new to me but i hope i get the chance to meet them next time.

I have a shit load of pics of them but wont kill this too much. :)  My personal fave is of me with both ryan and jon ♥ that is going to be my new background.  (sorry cobra but jwalk and ryro!!!)  When i asked jon to take a pic with both of them. he was all like " ryan she wants a pic with both of us! Double team it! ahahahahah so adorable!

I dont think i can really express my love and my happiness in meeting them. 
P.s. this is my new haircut.  Its alot shorter than it was. now i just need to dye it.


WARPED WAS BITCHING HOT.  gOT a nice tan though!

We missed the like first bands cuz they started at 11 am and were on at the same time but we did get to see:

  • call the cops  GOOD band, never had heard of them
  • the swellers  ( good  didnt hear the whole set though)
  • all american rejects  (tyson was in rare form! i love them)
  • sum 41  (pretty good. We catched the end to thier show. First time seeing them live)
  • alkaline trio  (damn good. first time seeing them live too)
  • reel big fish (omg these guys were so awesome and fun! loved them)!
  • The Cab  (pretty good. I am not a huge fan but they were good)
  • Bouncing souls  (damn freaking good too)
  • We the kings ( i like them mostly two songs but hey did great and did a cover of "in the middle*
  • Motion city soundtrack  (good as everyone says. I really enjoyed them
  • Four year strong ( i like them, first heard them on projekt revolution)

why do vacations have to end?

Sunday I left new jersey with a sad heart because I left the love of my life penceyprepster  back there. :(  I miss her tons! we had an awesome time.  We didnt like do shit loads of stuff but the stuff we did. i have tons of fun doing and just relaxing and being with her was awesome. 

We went to great adventures uh it rained on us like a bitch the whole time lol but i still had fun. 

Then we went to atlantic city for some light gambling.  We all lost :(  but its allright I was with good company and drinks. Though i did get stared at by a waitress cuz i didnt know we were suppose to tip them. SUE ME SORRY lol! OH OH and At the casino and This old lady asked me to move cuz I was standing too close to her and she was supersticious wtf  We then tried to sabotage her game. ahahaha naw kidding.

I went bowling for the first time in my life!  Did ok i think. I want  to try this again. 

Watched zombieland \0/ best movie eva!!!  ummm went to the movies and saw knight and day. Pretty good too. 

went to some concerts! *WARPED TOUR AND THE YOUNG VEINS!!!! *Separate post on that.

Went to this awesome zoo! Will post pics on second or third post!

Saw my grandma! We got mad lost yo! not gonna lie we were bout to just cry!!!!
  my grandma and her sister me and my grandma!

Went to dinner with hopes family! (ooooh I need the pic she took of us!)

Met her brother's adorable doggie!!! MILES!!!

Got to see BO and jay and jake. (i alwasy confuse the cats names)!

Drank! some awesome   drinks!  Mango water ice + vanilla rum + vanilla ice cream. Need to find out if we have Mango water ice in houston.

Think we did some more stuff but i cant remember but just being with Hope was the best vacation ever.  I LOVE YOU BB And I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!.



new jersey here i come

Hello my lovies. I am at the airport waiting on my flight. That will take me to penceyprepster! Love u guys!

Also in the. Waiting area there seems to be a bb band. They are adorable. No clue who they are though

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On the 11th I board a plane that will take me to NJ to see the love of my life penceyprepster ! i will be there for 1 week. WOOOHOOO!!!!!! and we are going to go to warped tour and to see the young veins!!!!!! Here is hoping i get  a pic with JWALK!!! and RYRO!!!!!

Atlanta was pretty good for a business trip.  Though me and the boss lady came thisclose to just killing her sister. OMG that woman acted like a 5 year old child at times.  Thank good for my mp3 and headphones and my laptop. I ignored her as best I could.  Did some sight seeing and alot of freaking climbing. Who knew there were so much hills downtown. sheesh.  lol

The 15/16 hour driver there nearly killed me though.  Out of those 15/16 hours I drove them all but 2 of them.  On the way back i told my boss no way in hell i was doing all the driving again so we stopped in louisianna for the night and then drove to houston. 

Went to lane bryant on Sunday for a bra and boy did i get an awesome deal. They had the buy 2 bras get 2 free deal going. Plus i bought some panties and a nightgown.  Plus i got $25 off and 25% discount. SUPER DEAL love my new bras!

This week need to hurry the fuck up and finish! oh oh and I cut my hair. ITs short but I actually like it. I will try to post some before and after pics when i get home. 

Fourth of july was pretty nice. Went to see the fireworks at night with the familia. :)

My dad is doing better. He finally stopped his drinking binge. Him and the gf (my boss) are back together i guess. IDK.

Only thing that is killing me is that. i may miss the final for the world cup. I think i can get my wifey to record it for me though and watch it when i land!  I am all for SPAIN AND URUGUAY!!!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!


Pieces of me

yeah I am listing to Britney Spears. I actually liked that song and my mp3 wanted me to hear it.  Life is Life.

A dear friend posted about dreams  like what you  kinda  hoped your life would be or dreams about a better life.  I can relate to how she feels becasue sometimes no matter what we do or how much we try they just dont come true.
I am not going to lie, half the time I live in lalala land.  I have many "versions of my life" in my pretty little head. Depeding on my mood, it can be good versions or horrible ones.  

These "fantasys' are i suppose what I had Hoped my life would turn out to be. And now no matter how much i try i think that yeah, just say forget it, why bother its never going to become true.   My plans were roughly destroyed by my father and no matter what i do. I am not getting back to where i was going.

I have setteled with just doing small things that make me happy. Remembering that I need to live too.

speaking of lives and dreams. My dad was sobering up. Mom took him some soup and then he seems better and today my bro saw him and it seems he started to drink again.  Tired I am just tired of this from him.

I just try to keep living because I have dedicated as has my whole family to helping him and he never gives anything to help himself.  This time he is going to have to battle it alone. And like the lady at AA told me, let him touch bottom and let him build himself back up. Because if you keep helping him, he will never help himself.   Sadly all this goes down with fathers day just around the corner.  mind you, we (bro sis and me) were still pretty hurt with the stunt he pulled in april. But we still were going to take him to fathers day dinner. because no matter what, we love him, we just cant deal with it anymore. Anyways no fathers day this year. I just keep praying for him. thats all i can do for him.


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