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I own a sinner's heart

11 August 1977
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Hello welcome to my journal. Its name is BOB. BOB is my place to ramble, to whine, to write thoughs, feelings, mundane life stuff, and every other thing i can think of. Mostly its my journal. To help me in not letting things bottle up or just having my thoughts out of my head. I will also use it to gush and giggle over stuff/people/bands i love. My grammer and spelling sucks ass! At work my spelling and grammer rock, but at seeing as this is not work then i dont bother with it.

I dont sing or write but music is my life. I love music, i have to be hearing it pretty much all day. Except when i sleep. I like quiet when i sleep. I like it quiet and dark.

I am a little off in the head but that suits me fine. Sometimes i get depressed but most of the time I am happy if not too stressed.

I dont have many RL friends my sister is my best friend even though she is 15 yrs younger than me. My brother is my friend we talk alot. I have some awesome LJ friends that i hope to meet!

I tend to live in my imaginary worlds more than is possibly normal. Yes i said worlds as in plural. My imagination is bitchin.

My demons are wicked sometimes i can't defeat them. Most of the time I keep them at bay. Sometimes i can control them, sometimes I let them control me. Depends on my mood.

The only person that has a slight insight into me is my sis. I am the normal overweight girl you see everywhere. You would think she's the quiet type, normal boring and to a degree I am but I am also passionate, i love completely, i don't follow just one path, my path twists and turns. My taste in music, movies and books varies.

You know the saying...you think you know, but you don't, thats me. My clients see my professional side, my family has glimps of the different people that make me whole. I have regrets, too many to name, I have hopes and dreams that have been set aside for family sake because above everything even me, it's my family. My family thank God is a bit off in the head too.

The two bands that have just made my life are linkin park and My Chemical Romance! I know all their songs and i can listen to them all day and when i am down and when I just need to leave it all behind i listen to LP and MCR. Like Gerard says: he wants to save our lives....he saved mine.

I love talking to new people, friend me if you want or not.

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